Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Surgery Update

Jacob had his surgery this morning. Of course the doctor was running late so we had to wait longer than we had hoped but that seems about typical. The surgery went very well and only took about 15 minutes. Then they had us come back to be with him while he came around. He was really out of it and confused but he came around. Once we got home he rested for a bit and then decided he wanted to eat. After he had food in his system he was back to himself. By 11:30 am he was playing and laughing. Now he is taking his afternoon nap. The doctor said that his adenoids were huge. So hopefully once the swelling goes down from the surgery he will be able to breathe better. We are just glad that it went well and he seems like he will be better for it.

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~Our Family~ said...

That is great news that everything went great for Jacob.. It is scary having surgery on little ones..