Wednesday, July 30, 2008


OK, I am so ANGRY right now. Kyle just called and said he had been let go from his job. Last I posted about this situation things had been going so much better. I really thought everything was going to be ok. But apparently not. This whole thing has been a joke. He was hired into a small company which merged to a corporation about a month after he started. Ever since then it has been a joke. It is an assisted living facility. Kyle got into it because he cares about people but the corp. only cares about money and the bottom line. There is so much I could say about this but I can't get it all out. AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I am so frustrated.

Bye Bye Binky

Well we finally made the leap to say bye bye to the binky. I borrowed an idea from Meredith because I thought it was really cute. We spent this weekend at Disneyland. There is a Build A Bear on the Disney Walk. So at the end of the trip we made one last stop. We took Andrew to Build a Bear. We had been talking about how he was too big for a binky and that we were going to make a binky bear and put his binky in the bears tummy. He had seemed excited about it and would even tell people he what he was going to do. Well we knew that even though he was willing to do it didn't mean it was going to be easy once the binky was gone. Here is a photo walk of the experience.
In the car enjoy the end of the binky.

Andrew is stepping on the pedal to stuff his bear.

Putting the binky in his bears tummy.

Hugging his new bear.

Carrying the bear back to the car. He really liked that box.

Looks great doesn't it. So smooth and a happy toddler. Ha Ha Ha. We wish. The first breakdown happened while we were in line paying for this bear. But we got him calmed down and headed out. It is 1 1/2 hours to drive back to our house from Disneyland. He cried, screamed, threw a fit, and was thrashing around in his car seat for about 50 minutes of that before he finally wore himself out and went to sleep. It was awful. I even cried with him some and of course questioned if what we were doing was the right thing and if I was being a terrible mother.

He slept the rest of the way home and transferred inside to finish his nap. When he woke up the "fun" began again. Big time fit. We finally got him calmed down and distracted doing something else. He did well the rest of the day. Then bed time. It was a rough night. He cried for his binky for a long time before finally going to sleep. Then he woke up 2 different times just bawling for his binky and was really hard to console. He went to day care yesterday and other than being tired did great. Let me follow up by saying he never uses a binky at day care, not even for naps. He was really only using at home to sleep. That is why the nights are the worst.

Well last night (night 2) was a little better. He only woke up once crying for his binky. Luckily he has not tried to rip open the bear. He has asked us to get the binky out but we keep saying we can't it all gone. So things are getting better. Hopefully they will keep going in the right direction. This was something we had to do before I head back to work. We know he is capable of being binky free but it is also his only security object. Why does parenthood have to be so difficult?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well after the kids and I being away from home 3 of the last 4 weeks we are finally back. That was way to much traveling to do all at once. We were all so exhausted and cranky. It is good to be back with Kyle and in familiar surroundings for the kids. We have decided to stay put. Kyle's job all of a sudden likes him again, we'll see how long that lasts, and moving so quickly would be a pain. Plus who wants to keep paying for a great house that they aren't living in while trying to live with others. Just doesn't make sense right now. I will post pictures and give more details about all our trips when I have more time.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Well the air was finally fixed on Saturday. Unbelievable! But at least it is finally working again and we can function.

In other news life is insane and full of twists and turns. Things are not going so great at Kyle's job and he probably won't have it much longer. Long story. Anyway, we are just trying to figure out if we should even stay in this awful desert that we both hate or just bail and head north back to my family. It is very tempting but it is so hard to leave a school when I just got tenure. Plus we would have to find someone to live with because there is no way we would be able to sell our house. So we would still be paying for it. It is hard to give up your own living space and change everything. So who knows what will happen. We are both applying for jobs up north and Kyle is looking for work here too. So only time will tell. Hopefully we will figure it out soon. It is no fun having your whole world turned upside down and not knowing what is coming next. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! That pretty much sums up how I am feeling right now.