Friday, February 22, 2008

Jake's First Hair Cut

We were going to wait until he was one but it just didn't happen. His hair is not growing on the sides at all and the mohawk was just getting bigger. Plus it is so fine and always looked crazy. So we decided to even things out. It took awhile to get used to the new do but we like it.




Monday, February 18, 2008

Our Valentine

Here is the Valentine card that Andrew made for us at day care. I thought it was so sweet. It is the first handmade thing I have received as a mother. I know there will be many to come over the years but it was so special to get this first one. Thank you my love, Andrew. You are a sweet boy.

Guitar Hero

So my awesome husband bought me Guitar Hero III for our Wii. I absolutely love it and can waste way too much time playing. But Andrewis also a big fan. He wants it on all the time. He comes up to you and starts bobbing around, pointing to the guitar and saying dancing, dancing. It is really cute. However it does get old pretty quickly when that is all he wants to do. Here are a few shots of my little guitar hero. Sometimes I let him sit on my lap and he helps me play. Let's just say that it adds a whole new difficulty level to the game.

Standing Man

Yup, it's true, Jacob is now a self standing little man. He pulls himself up on anything and is even cruising around. He so wants to walk but just doesn't have the balance for it yet. Keep working on it little dude, you'll get there.