Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hair Cuts

The boys got hair cuts today. Aren't they just handsome? It sure takes a lot of work to get them to let us cut their hair but I love it when it is done. There is a lot of tears & bribery involved. The joys of parenthood.


Jets! Jets! Jets! Well football season is here and we are loving it. The Jets have Brett Favre as QB - how cool is that? It is hard to be fans of a NY team when you live on the west coast. We don't get to see many games. But now that we have Brett they might show a few more. Here are a few pictures of cute Jets boys. Also BYU is awesome so far this year. Let's hope they continue winning and we can make burst a BCS bubble. I loved how they destroyed UCLA today 59 - 0. Yup that score is right. Here is to a great football season.