Saturday, April 19, 2008

Jackass Mail Run

I was able to take the boys up to visit my family for 5 days. It was a lot of fun. The big even was the Jackass Mail Run. This was the 47th annual run and my mom was wagon master. She makes the fourth one in our family. We are so proud. She even managed to get the mail, the wagon's and all the horses to Springville from Porterville. Andrew loved being around all the horses and cowboys. He sure had a great time. Here are a few, of the hundreds (seriously), of pictures that were taken on the trip.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


We had court today to finalize Jacob's adoption. Everything was smooth sailing and he is now forever legally ours. We are so thrilled to have this part done. Not that it changes how we feel about him it just solidifies the whole thing and there are no more what ifs hanging around. Jake, you are amazing and we love you very much. Thank you Great Grandma Rae in joining in this special day of our lives.

Thanks Judge Cox!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Updates Finally!

Well I finally put up some new posts. If you go to Feb. there is one about Jake's first hair cut. I have gotten a little behind.

New things happening around here that we finally have a court date to finalize Jacob's adoption. It is on Tuesday, April 15. Yay. Then we are planning the temple sealing and baby blessing for June 7th. We are so excited to have this all coming together.

Both of our boys are amazing. They are full of personality and silliness. It is adorable to see them play together. We are so blessed to be their parents.