Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tooth #2

That's right, Jake has managed to get a second tooth. Popped through today. Poor kid is in teething pain but has 2 teeth to show for it. What a trooper!

Saturday, January 12, 2008


It is amazing. Jacob pulled himself up today. That is right, pulled himself up to standing. We could not believe it. He was so proud of himself and smiling. Of course we are so proud of him too. Then we went to lower the mattress on the crib. The last thing we need is for him to pull himself up and go over the side. We are predicting he will be walking in the next few months. It is just unbelievable. Our little guy is growing up so fast.

Friday, January 4, 2008

7 month update

Jake had his 7 month check up today. It wasn't the best news in the world. We got a double ear infection diagnosis. But at least it explains the fever he has had for 2 days and we now have medicine to treat it. Poor kid has been through a lot the past few day. The ear infections and he is getting teeth. The first one popped through on Thursday morning and the one next to it is trying to break through. The bottom teeth that is.

Length - 26 inches and the 25th percentile
Weight - 16 pounds and the 10th percentile

He is definitely our little man. His big accomplishment this last month is crawling. Jake is all over the place. It is so cute to watch him take off.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


The day after Christmas I took the boys up to visit my family. We stayed for 5 days. While there my dad took the boys riding. This was Jacob's first time on a horse as last time we were there he was barely a month old and I wasn't ready to let him ride. However this time he got on and seemed to enjoy it. This is my dad and Jacob, how sweet.

As for Andrew he is a seasoned pro. This time around my dad was teaching him how to control the horse himself. My little guy is growing up. Next time he might even ride without papa. This time around he refused to stay on the horse when papa got off.

I just thought this was a sweet picture of the boys. I was trying to get them up and going for church but they were so worn out from all the fun of the week that it was quite a challenge.

It was great to go for an extended visit. Love you guys.

Christmas 2007

The 2 weekends before Christmas were filled with extended family get togethers. It was fun and wonderful to spend the holidays with family. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we were able to spend it at home. Being able to have that time together was amazing. It was our first Christmas as a family of 4. We have been truly blessed this past year. Here is a picture of Kyle attempting to read The Night Before Christmas to the boys on Christmas Eve. This is a tradition from his child hood that he is trying to pass on. Well at first Andrew would not sit in his lap so he just started to read. Then we finally got Andrew to sit and Jacob started to cry. Needless to say we never made it through the entire story but we will try again next year.

Here is the boys on Christmas Eve in their cute pj's.

Andrew is helping Jacob to open presents. So helpful.

Christmas morning the aftermath. And this doesn't ever really show the half of it.

Christmas was great. The boys were spoiled beyond belief but we all have so much fun doing it. Santa brought a toddler size table and chairs and a Tickle Me Elmo Extreme. Other than that they got tons of toys and clothes. We are getting ready to open our own toy store. Now comes the challenge of organizing everything. What a tough problem to have. We are so grateful for all that we have been blessed with. Most of all wonderful family and friends who support and love us. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Pizza Delivery

We ended up with a puppy. Just what we needed right? Well we love her and are so glad to have her. I took the boys up to visit my folks after Christmas while Kyle stayed home to work. They had 3 pups and we instantly fell in love with one. At one point my mom told me that Andrew named her pizza and it stuck for the trip. Kyle and I went back and forth multiple times about whether I should bring her home or not. We ended up on not and I came home. Of course thinking of pizza the whole time. We then considered driving the 5 hours back to get her. Then I remembered my awesome friends (Ong & Merc) were up visiting family in the area and I called to see if they were still there. They were packing up to leave but said they would deliver the puppy for us. Now they have a 7 lb. dog and asked if the puppy was small. I of course said yes because to me she is. I of course was forgetting just how small their dog was and that our concepts of small were so very different. Anyway, they agreed to deliver our "giant" puppy for us. We are so grateful they did. If you wish to read about their adventure getting her here check out the blog link below. It is entertaining and I do apologize for the inconvenience. Oh, by the way, her new official name is Izzy.