Wednesday, August 22, 2007

California Adventure

Here are a few pictures from when we took Andrew to California Adventure. Jacob stayed with grandma and grandpa for the day so Andrew got some individual time. We had a blast. Our friends Christopher and Andrea also went with us. It was a lot fun.

Little Flirts

Here are our Little Flirts. Aren't they cute?

2 months

Jacob is 2 months old now. He is growing so much and getting so active. He loves to smile and "talk" to you. He is also getting more mobile. He uses his leg to push himself around. Jake doesn't get real far but he sure tries. At his check up he weighed in at 10 lbs. 12 oz. and was 22 inches long. He is only in the 25th percentile for both weight and height. We are not used to such a small little guy. He will take off one of these days though. He sure is eating more. Jacob loves to watch Andrew. You can just see him thinking, "wow I can't wait until I can do all that fun stuff with my big brother". It is so cute. Andrew wants him to play now. Andrew tries to get Jacob to dance and jump with him. It is really fun to watch. Well I just wanted to give a little update.

Monday, August 6, 2007


Well I just had to post some recent pictures of Jacob too. He is getting so big and he is so strong. He has really good head control and can lift himself up to look around for long periods of time. And most exciting, I finally captured his smile on camera. That is quite the feat. But just look at it. Soooooo cute. Big dimples. I could just eat him up. He is such a good baby. Jake seems to finally have figured out how we work around here and is adjusting very well. Sleeping much better, not as fussy. His favorite thing to do though is watch Andrew. What is big brother doing? And I have to keep a closer eye on them because Andrew tried to pick Jake up and carry him over to me the other day. That was scary. Luckily no drops and all was fine. Enjoy my handsome little guy. I sure do.

The Fair

We went to the fair the last weekend in July. That shows you how long it takes me to get things done around here. We had a great time. Of course we got to eat lots of great fair food. Grandpa decided that Andrew needed his picture taken with a snake. I wasn't there when the decision was made and walked up about the time it was their turn I was not happy but let them do it anyway. Andrew on the other hand was fascinated with the snake and just kept petting it and trying to get it's head. Not such a fun moment for mom but since I have boys I should get used to them liking things that I don't such as snakes. Then we found the picture op on the surf board. He was way more interested on running around up there than actually posing but we got a great shot anyway. They also had a little farm with animals. Andrew just wanted to get in the stalls and play with all the animals. He is so fascinated with them. I am glad though, I would hate for him to be scared of animals. It is just teaching him when it is appropriate to pet them and when it is not. Well we had a great time. Grandpa got to spend the day with us and that is always fun too. Thanks for hanging out with us. However we all did go to dinner that night. Andrew was being a monster. Not sure that grandpa will ever want to go out to eat with us again.

Grandpa & Andrew with a huge snake.

Surf's Up!

What a Cutie!