Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fun on the Ranch

We went to visit my grandparents this weekend. I wanted them to meet Jacob and see how big Andrew had gotten. It was a great visit and everyone enjoyed themselves. Especially Andrew. Uncle David became his new best friend. He would follow his uncle around and lift up his arms because he wanted to be able to pet the horses. They also went for a ride and while Andrew seemed unsure at first he sure did not want to get off. They also have a baby horse and puppies. There were a couple of cows and the neighbors have goats. So all in all there was a lot to discover. Andrew just wanted to run around the whole time. He also found the cover wagon and the whip. He thought it was so fun to swing it around. It was a blast. Here are some pictures from our adventure.

Andrew & Jacob with great grandpa & great grandma

Kyle & Jacob with Trixy

Andrew playing with the whip on the wagon.

Andrew riding.

Uncle David & Andrew riding

Uncle David & Andrew petting baby Kelly.

Rolling Over!

Today Jacob is 7 weeks old. My how time flies. The big news however is that yesterday he figured out how to roll over. Yup, that's right, roll over. He can make it from his tummy to his back. I can't believe he figured it out so soon. It amazes me. Anyway, it is bad news for him because he hates to be on his back. Loves his tummy, but hates to lay on his back. So now he rolls over and then gets insanely upset that he has found himself in the one position he does not want to be in. Ah, the joys of life.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Andrew the Water Boy

We got Andrew a pool for the summer. Well here it is pretty much summer all year round. Anyway, he has always been a water baby. It is just about impossible to get him out of a pool or the tub. So I thought I would put some pictures of him loving the water.

Enjoying the new pool.

The water feature at San Diego Wild Animal Park.

Friday, July 13, 2007

One month old.

I can't believe it. Jacob is already one month old. He has adjusted so well to being home and we are all getting in the groove of being a family of 4. He is also starting to sleep a little longer between feedings at night. I am really appreciating that. Andrew is also doing pretty good. He hasn't quite figured out that sometimes he has to wait and expects me to instantly cater to his needs. But slowly Drew is learning that sometimes mommy is busy with Jake and he has to wait a minute. Kyle is so good with the boys too and has been such a huge help. Us being apart for those 2 weeks just reinforced that we are so much stronger together. Well I just wanted to post some new pictures. Here they are.